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We Help You Build Own Home Remedies Apothecary!

Over time we have lost the ancient art of creating wellness for ourselves and our families.  We are here to help our families, friends and community build self-reliant ways to benefit your wellness cupboards for the present and in the future.  In todays economy it is more important than ever to learn how to save money while building our wealth of health. Herbs and spices are so beneficial and have been since the beginning of time.  The creation garden was full of natural wonderment.

Join us to learn how to blend teas, utilize herbs and spice to stock your cupboards and pantries.  Future workshops will also include ways to prepare fresh foods into jars of goodness to last your family over the days and years to come!

Completing this form will is a way for you to stay in the know and keep up to date with tips and recipes on your wellness journey with wholesome nature foods.

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