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Loans For Doctors & Dentist

Loans with exclusive benefits specifically for medical professionals

Lower Rates, Larger Amounts, & Longer Terms

Grow your practice with a fast and easy process.

Do You Qualify for Doctor Loans & Dental Practice Financing?

No Minimum Time in Business

We can help fund all healthcare professionals, from those right out of medical school, to the most seasoned.

No Minimum Annual Revenue

Whether you’re right out of medical school, or do $10mil+ in annual revenue, we got your back!

No Min. FICO Required

(If You Make $120K in Annual Gross Sales & Have Been in Business for 6+ Months) You don’t need to have perfect credit to qualify for doctor loans or dental practice financing—we work with all credit profiles.

Benefits of Healthcare Professional Loans

•Exclusive Programs for Doctors

Our funding source offers financing designed specifically for doctors and healthcare professionals that most other lenders don’t have access to.

•Lower Rates & Longer Terms

Exclusive benefits for medical professionals include lower rates and flexible terms, which make loans for doctors and healthcare professionals a great way to grow and expand any kind of practice.

•Owning a Practice Not Required

Even if you don’t own a practice yet, medical professionals may still be able to secure healthcare practice financing through our partners.

Fast Facts: Loans for Doctors & Dental Professionals

Loan Amount

$10,000 – $5Mill

Flexible Terms

6 Months – 10 Years

Time to Fund

1 – 5 Days

Dental and Medical Practice Financing Uses

Grow Your Practice

Get the funding you need from doctor loans and dental practice financing to purchase medical supplies, hire additional staff, and purchase new equipment in order to grow your practice faster.

Cover Medical Business Expenses

Utilize loans for doctors and medical practice financing to cover payroll, pay bills, purchase supplies, and bridge gaps between slow insurance payments.

Business Opportunities

Take advantage of unexpected opportunities, like purchasing or expanding a location, or adding new equipment and services to bring in additional revenue streams

What are Loans for Doctors and Dental Professionals?

The dental and doctor loans provided by Our partners offer exclusive benefits for medical and healthcare professionals, including zero upfront fees, and approval in as little as 24 hours. We works with dental and medical practices of all sizes, from two-person LLC’s, to sprawling enterprises, and secures dental and doctor loan options for their clients regardless of credit score, or time spent in business.

Our partners offers doctor loans and healthcare professional financing options of all kinds, including dentists, pharmaceutical professionals, veterinarians, optometrists, and primary care physicians to help their practices grow and succeed.

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